Studio Credits:

What Is It Ur Feeling? - Ellen Marie McCool; Mix, Production

It'll All Work Out - Elisabeth Moss; Mix, Production

You Don't Need To Know - Verah; Mix, Production

In the Garden - The Breath You Hold; Mix

Live Credits:

Shadow Boxing (Live @ LUNA Music) - Kevin Krauter; Mix

Live at the Bishop: Fern Murphy; Mix

Fantasy Theme (Live @ LUNA Music) - Kevin Krauter; Mix

Tiny Dorm Concerts: Silent Partner; Mix

Tiny Dorm Concerts: Allison Victoria; Mix

Tiny Dorm Concerts: Crossroads Quintet; Mix

Tiny Dorm Concerts: Flower Mouth; Mix

Tiny Dorm Concerts: Monika Herzig's Sheroes; Mix

Personal Projects:

The Bridge (Georgina's Version) - Gavin Cooley

Re: Morse (Georgina's Song) - Gavin Cooley

Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria) - Gavin Cooley

Staying Home - Gavin Cooley

Snapshot - Gavin Cooley

Ask Me Again When This Is All Over - Wedding Ghosts

Aware of the Moments As They Pass - August Rose Lo-Fi